"Food is LOve"

That quote seem to take over the whole vibe of the week. Wednesday June 5th my partner {not only in business my beautiful mother the part owner of Laylani's} and myself participated in The Small Business Expo NYC at Jacob Javits Center. When I say this was a monumental event in a long journey of 15 years of trying to make Laylani's a reality. Yesterday definitely gave us a taste for more if we did not know in the 15 years we definitely know that the world is ready for what we have to offer. I am happy that NOW people are aware of what we are cooking with (pun definitely intended lol). So keep watching because this is the beginning it only gets better from here.

All I have known is the feeling I get when I am around my family, the smell of good eats and laughter. Never did I imagine that was the fuel the food for my soul and the source of my passion. The food I love to share with everyone reflects that and THAT IS THE SECRET of what makes Laylani's GREAT!!! Everyone can measure ingredients but that is an ingredient that too many miss in their food and CANNOT be measured.

Everyone who visited booth #413 or came to show support I love you. You are my extended family now forever etched in the journey of Laylani's.

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